The Bull in Bullion

Gold bullion is the unit of trade in the present fiscal framework and it has a fascinating history to get to that status. Its cause is Babylon, the first home of Islam. The Mother God of the locale was the sun, named Mary. Stylised into the figure of a lady, as statues illustrate, men trusted they could ‘wed’ Mary and ascend with the sun into the sky. It’s the motivation behind why executions and dedication administrations are held at day break.

The old term for ‘sun’ is ‘o-r’ signifying ‘hover of intensity’ and gold was named after it in view of its shading and capacity to mirror the sun. ‘Or on the other hand, o-m’ interprets as ‘sun-circle-mother’ and it’s in the Latin expression ‘aurum’ from whence comes its synthetic image ‘au’.

Men who intentionally passed on crosses were called ‘ b-an el’ or ‘bearers of intensity as divine beings’. One needs to value that the dialect of the time was all the while creating. Vowels were missing or insecure and short accumulations of syllables could be perused as sentences. That is much similar to the shorthand strategies utilized today in SMS.

‘Ba-an el’ is referenced ordinarily in the Old Testament predictions, for example, in Amos 2:5, and it was the elective god or the ‘ruler of the day’. From it came different terms like ‘ball’; ‘chime’; ‘entrail’, ‘bowl’, and ‘bull’. The association is in the horns or clanger that looks like the penis. Men passing on crosses are portrayed in old shake workmanship with colossal penises prepared for sexual intercourse.

The sun demonstrates its horns when going behind a question and the five-point star is such a delineation. It was venerated as a ‘cow’ in Egypt and religions conceived of that locale. ‘Dairy animals’ likens with ‘c-o’ from ‘x-o’ or ‘cross/circle’. It is the circle/cross mix that is discovered carved in rocks along ways prompting peaks and urban areas. The last created around social event destinations to observe it.

Following my resurrection and with a solid connect to the Spirit of the Universe, the main genuine God (Isaiah 45:4-8) it charged me to tear down the mass of visual impairment (Isaiah 29:10-12) and get the collect. We are in the most recent days when the predictions for this time are working out as expected.

The divider was worked by the main mammoth of Revelation and fortified constantly (disclosure 13) and the first is Mary, the rising sun. The person who anticipated that would ‘wed’ Mary was the ‘bull’ who is he who gone through the ‘gap’s eye’ (source of blessed) after his demise to wind up a divine being. He is the ‘bull-eye of solidarity’ or the bull wedded to the god. From this comes the term ‘bullion’ and the ‘rising bull’ surmises a raising securities exchange.

Dairy cattle are called ‘stock’ from ‘light of cross-hover of cross’ the place [s] is an old term for ‘soul’ or ‘light’, [t] is an image for ‘cross’, [o] is ‘circle’, and both [c] and [k] are subsidiaries of [x] and [t]. The term alludes to the god-man and his height to a divine being by means of the cross.

This made the mates of men into ‘dairy cattle’ and ladies are still alluded to as ‘chattles’ (the [h] is a Greek expansion to the term) and the motivation behind why they are victimized and marriage promises state they should serve men.

The Catholic Church was set up by Constantine in 325 AD and he is 666 in Revelation 12-18 and in charge of the monetary framework by which the World Order still runs. That implies he has control of the whole budgetary framework through the religion. He assembled the Vatican as a parliament of clerics to keep up his frameworks and convey request to his realm. It was the Vatican who at that point selected Augustine to frame the Muslim branch for validity of its cases.

The ruler set up the picture of Jesus Christ and reestablished Mary as the Mother of God. His viciousness and power was with the end goal that the Church proceeded in his way to catch every single through it claims and lies. It was the main Christian religion since he presented it (II Thessalonians 2:3-12). Nobody has possessed the capacity to find these certainties previously this time on the grounds that the Spirit has attempted to an arrangement to bring just those with solid otherworldly capacity to the collect.